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Your Most Important Legacy November 23, 2018

Your Most Important Legacy

Imagine if you could share even a fraction of all that you have learned or experienced in your life, and that this could be made available to those that really need it, at the time that they most need it.

It is said that wisdom is what we gain when we are able to reflect upon, learn from, and make use of our rich and diverse life experience. There is an incredible value and sense of purpose in being able to pass on your unique wisdom to the next generations in a form that is complete, accessible, elegant and interesting.

Don’t we all wish that children and younger people could learn a little from the mistakes of the past, and not have to repeat them? However, as you have probably experienced, they have not always been open to receiving or acting on your advice, as they have to learn for themselves. This is where your legacy of wisdom becomes incredibly important and can be prepared and preserved as a precious resource, to be opened and savoured at the right time, when your family is ready.

There will come a time when your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and those beyond will marvel at the details of your life, what you lived through, and what you made of it. They will be amazed that you seem to understand much of what they are going through, because you went there before them. They will be deeply touched and encouraged that you thought about them, and that you cared so much.

Each new generation does not have to keep reinventing everything, but can build on the ground that you cleared for them. Your words, your wisdom, your experience will give them courage and insight. They will see more clearly the strong and vibrant family characteristics that they have inherited and are living out in their own ways. Through this, they will have you right there, guiding and supporting them, because although their lives may look very different to yours in certain details, what is essential endures and is reworked from generation to generation.

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