Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between Emotional Inheritance and a life-story ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is anyone who writes on behalf of someone else, and while some are trained, many are not. Exisle uses established and trained writers backed by editors, psychologists and historians to provide a personalised service, as opposed to someone who is paid to write words.

What does Emotional Inheritance do to ensure privacy and security?

Our interviewers/authors and editors are people who have been through in-house interviews and background checks. Often they will have many years’ experience as established writers for Exisle. Beyond this, only two people will see any original documents or transcripts, and any remaining documents that you do not wish to keep will be destroyed at the end of the process.

How long does the process take?

From the first interview to the presentation of your book, the process normally takes no longer than 60 days; however we are able to complete it by an agreed earlier date if required.

Why does Emotional Inheritance use historians and psychologists as part of the service?

To be certain that we conduct the best possible service, both are required. We use in-house historians to ensure we gather and order information in a way that captures your personal history. Our psychologists ensure that our interviewers ask about and tell your story as empathetically as possible.

How does the pricing work?

The Emotional Inheritance package is customised to meet your individual requirements. It includes — one or two face-to-face interviews with your writer, normally held at your home; the writing and editing of your life story; and publishing it, along with your selected photographs, in a professionally designed hand-bound full-colour book generally of around 10,000 words. You may wish to have a longer book with extra words and photos. You decide how many copies will be printed. We can also video-record your interview and provide you with an edited extract.

A no-obligation estimate can be prepared after an initial consultation with you. All costs will be fully explained in advance, and there will never be any hidden extras.

Can I request a larger number of copies of books to be printed?

Yes you can. Many people want to gift them to friends and loved ones, or donate to local schools and libraries. We are able to ensure that you will have the number of books that you need and guarantee that you receive the best rate on any larger run of books that you require.

Are copies of the Emotional Inheritance interviews available?

Yes they are. A number of extra products will be available if required. These include text, audio and visual transcripts that can be processed and sent to you for an agreed fee.

Is Emotional Inheritance able to allow for disabilities?

Yes. Central to our service is ensuring that all your needs are accommodated. During the initial consultation process you will complete a form that will list any specific requirements that need to be catered for.

What if there are some parts of my life that I wish to leave out of my book?

This is fine. When writing your life story, there is no pressure to include any aspects that you do not wish to have published. You decide what is in, as well as what is out.

To find out more, please phone New Zealand 03 477 1615 or Australia 02 4998 3327, or send an email to and one of the family history team members will be in touch shortly.