When you hire us to write your or a family member’s story, it will only be seen by those who you choose to show it to. But there are many more people out there who can benefit from the timeless wisdom of the older generation. Backed by Exisle Publishing, the publishing wing of Emotional Inheritance is creating books that share stories, provide inspiration, and redefine the “third age” as a time of optimism and purpose.

Timeless Wisdom

This series presents selected non-fiction stories by writers aged 65 and above from around the world. The books in the series, Fear & Courage, Human Kindness, Struggle and Success and Love and Loss explore their universal themes with humor and compassion.

The Wisdom Years

A practical, thought- provoking and life-changing read that reveals how we can reframe our mindset so that we live life based on our ‘functional age’ rather than our ‘chronological age’.

Finding True Connections

Interviewing a family member and writing about their history can be an immensely enjoyable, beneficial and supportive process. This detailed, hands-on manual provides comprehensive guidance and instruction, from getting started to the end result.

Key Questions in Personal History

This beautifully presented box of cards contains 100 key questions that can be used to guide the writing of a person’s life story from their childhood right up to the present day.

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