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How Telling Your Story Makes Your Legacy Real November 23, 2018

How Telling Your Story Makes Your Legacy Real

You have a story to tell. In fact, you have a lot to teach all of us about how you have been you, through all your rich and varied life experiences. Only you have lived your unique life, and only you can tell your story. If you don’t, no one else ever can.

Your unique perceptions are irreplaceable. No one else can know just how much you have seen, experienced and understood. When you tell your story, and it is professionally written, it puts your whole life into perspective. It makes all of your experience come together in a coherent whole. The benefits of hindsight bring a sense of order and completeness that you could not have experienced while you lived life one day at a time. This is satisfying for you, as it helps you gain further clarity on the important themes of your life, and helps you realise just how much you have to pass on to the upcoming generations.

This is how the gift of your life can keep on giving, by making it accessible to the future. Your younger family members now have a point of focus and a reference point. This is completely different to telling some of your memories or stories to the young people – often they are not ready to hear them, or are not yet able to benefit from them. A beautiful book, however, that expresses your voice in a way that is elegant and coherent, can be a family treasure to be read when it is needed.

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