Emotional Inheritance would be the perfect gift to acknowledge the legacy of a beloved parent or grandparent on their significant birthday, or to honour a couple on their Golden Wedding anniversary.

The experience of being interviewed is a deeply rewarding one, allowing the subject to reconnect with their memories, some of which may not have been talked about for a very long time. Many individuals find a profound sense of fulfilment in telling their story and seeing it expertly crafted in print.

The resulting book will be treasured not only by immediate family, but also by future generations. Imagine having the story of a beloved parent or grandparent always at your fingertips, and being able to share this with your own children or grandchildren.

If you have a loved one who you think would benefit from Emotional Inheritance, contact us today about giving them a gift that will endure.

To find out more, please phone New Zealand 03 477 1615 or Australia 02 4998 3327, or send an email to enquiries@emotionalinheritance.org and one of the family history team members will be in touch shortly.