Emotional Inheritance is a life storytelling service provided by Exisle Publishing — an international publishing house with over 25 years’ experience.

Through a structured interview with an experienced writer, the story of your life will be transcribed and published as a limited edition book.

The process begins with you completing a background information form to record your personal and historical family details. Here you may identify any important considerations or requirements regarding your final product.

With this information, your Exisle writer will meet you and conduct a comprehensive interview over one or two separate sittings. An interviewing technique has been devised in-house by a group of psychologists and historians to ensure that your special memories, thoughts and messages are recorded in an efficient and empathetic way that helps you to define your emotional and intellectual legacy.

The writer will weave this all into a narrative that captures your life story, making sure to implement any specific requests agreed upon during your consultation.

A copy will be given to you to review and note any changes required. The text will be updated and the final draft edited by an Exisle editor to ensure that your book is finished to a publishing house standard.

The book will be designed and bound in a look and feel of your choosing and, within 60 days from the date of your interview, printed in the number of copies that fits your personal and gifting needs. Any wider distribution may be discussed with the Exisle team.

The process culminates with your book being hand-delivered (where possible) by the author to you — a special occasion and a fitting conclusion to a meaningful process.

If you like, we can also video-record your interview and provide you with an edited extract. As well as leaving a transcript of your interview, it will of course capture your voice — the sound of which will infuse the viewer with many memories.

To find out more, please phone New Zealand 03 477 1615 or Australia 02 4998 3327, or send an email to enquiries@emotionalinheritance.org and one of the family history team members will be in touch shortly.