Your Story – Professionally Told Now

While technology has in some ways brought us closer together, in many ways we are further apart than ever before. Families are split by geography; grandchildren are raised not knowing their grandparents; relationships are neglected due to the pressures of work and everyday life.

The result is that generations today often know very little about the lives of their older family members. Meanwhile, the older generations often feel a keen desire to leave a legacy — to share their story and their knowledge, but feel unable to do so. This is where Emotional Inheritance comes in.

In line with an emerging social trend to once again honour and value our ancestors, our goal is to help these generations capture their stories so that they can leave a lasting, meaningful legacy. Our memories define us. Our tribal memories unite us. If these are missing, parts of us are missing too. Emotional Inheritance ensures this doesn’t happen.

We provide a professional way for families to honour their loved ones and their life stories. We enable people to discover, record, retain and decant their stories, memories and thoughts for future generations. Their legacy of a lifetime’s experience and wisdom is clearly and professionally preserved, able to be shared with family wherever they are.

We do this by using trained, empathetic interviewers/writers supported by top psychotherapists with expertise in ageing and families, all backed by Exisle, a specialist global and family-run publishing house.

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