Emotional Inheritance is more than just recording your memories in print. It is a unique experience that allows you to take the time to focus on your life so far, while creating a document that will be a lasting legacy.

So, what exactly makes Emotional Inheritance unique?

Experienced. This service is part of Exisle Publishing — a publishing house with over 25 years’ international publishing experience.

Unlike ghostwriters and freelancers, Exisle understands the rigours of the publishing industry. Your book is completed to an industry standard with the quality, look and feel that you would expect to find in any bookshop.

Designed. Emotional Inheritance has been designed by experienced psychologists and personal historians to ensure the best approaches to help you recall and tell your story.

The psychologist-designed interview section focuses on enquiring and interacting with you in ways that will create an enjoyable and illuminating encounter. Ensuring your comfort at each step allows for a rapport between you and your writer that is integral to the success of this service.

Complementing the psychologist’s approach, our personal historians have designed a set of questioning techniques that help elicit information that you might not readily remember on your own, or identify relevant information that you might feel is too unimportant to offer.

Trained. Exisle uses seasoned writers who are either published authors, copywriters, or have a background in journalism.

This experience is coupled with comprehensive in-house training by established Emotional Inheritance writers, using the methods that our in-house psychologists and historians have designed.

Respectful. Empathy is central to Emotional Inheritance. Everything that we do is designed with an awareness of the sensitivities and emotions around life experiences, and aims to ensure you are comfortable at each stage of the process.

Meeting with you face-to-face and asking personal questions requires someone who is able to interact and connect you on an individual level. That’s why we select writers with ‘emotional intelligence’ in mind.

Secure. Exisle uses writers with whom a strong relationship is already established. In many cases these are people who have written a number of books with us. In addition to this history, our writers are subject to extensive vetting, followed up by an in-house interviewing process.

All your information is held confidentially and is viewed solely by your writer and editor. At the end of the process all documents and drafts are destroyed.

To find out more, please phone New Zealand 03 477 1615 or Australia 02 4998 3327, or send an email to enquiries@emotionalinheritance.org and one of the family history team members will be in touch shortly.