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New Zealand

Financial Independence for New Zealand Seniors

Retirement is usually provided for through savings, investments and superannuation (the pension). However, many people find that when they reach retirement, their finances are not sufficient to live comfortably. Here we look at financial independence and living without an active income. Continuing to work As superannuation is not capped, you…...

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Independent Living for New Zealand Seniors

As we age, decreasing mobility can make household tasks more difficult, and this can have an impact on living independently. However, there are now a myriad of options available, so living a self-determined life is definitely attainable. Staying in your own home This is a desirable option for many;¬†¬†however some…...

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Company And Loneliness (New Zealand)

As we get older, our ability to socialise in ways that we once took for granted changes. Things like mobility, living away from friends or family, or the loss of friends or loved ones, can make it difficult to get enough company and stimulation. This helps explain why loneliness is…...

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