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Become the Author of Your Own Life November 23, 2018

Become the Author of Your Own Life

Writing your life story is one of the most empowering and satisfying things that you can do. By becoming the author of your own story, you are enabled to see your whole life from a fresh perspective.

When you write a memoir of your life, you are not so engaged in all the confusing and often overwhelming details that take up most of our daily attention. Instead, you are looking at the bigger picture of who you really are.

In the narrative process, themes emerge that reveal an underlying sense of direction, clarity, purpose and value that may surprise you. This can be incredibly affirming when you have just a little guidance and support to stay on track with expressing all the best parts of you.

Becoming the author of your life story is revitalising, as so often in life, we end up being defined by the ways others see us. We become the combination of our various roles – husband, father, mother, wife, employee, or boss. We follow the values, assumptions and life path that were set for us, and often we are so busy we never really stop to think about it all.

In the Emotional Inheritance writing process, you get to decide who you are, how you feel and think, and what has really mattered to you all along. You get to see yourself as the hero on your own unique journey, and what was really at stake when you made your choices. You can harvest the rich learning from what you may have experienced at the time as mistakes, hardships or tough challenges. You can see all of the different aspects that make up who you have now become, and how this creates a rich sense of ‘this is me, and this is how I have been me in the world’. Your life does, after all, have a sense of coherency that is especially satisfying.

Writing your story is a simple yet life-changing act, where all the life experience you have accrued comes together in a new story that will enrich your family for years to come.

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